AK&KO original knits


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Made by hand. Made in Japan.


Iichi   オンラインストア


I love vintage Japanese knitting machines and collect and repair them before using them to make knits. I also love interesting yarns and natural fibres. I hand knit, crochet and embroider too. I often dye my own yarns using Miyako ECO dyes.


Knitting Machines that I regularly use include:

Silver Reed SK700 with SRP-N ribber

Silver Reed SK250L (This was basically the 360 issued with a lace carriage as the main carriage, and the knit carriage sold separately. It came with a very good instruction manual that shows how to transfer lace hand knitting patterns to punchcards.)

Silver Reed SK155 with SR155 ribber

Hamanaka Needle


Knitting Machines I occasionally use include:

Ars Amoretto MK2 clutch selector type

Juki KE 1300 12 stitch punchcard and 12 stitch selector

Juki 8 button 871

Tajima Art intarsia machine

KB360 aka LK150 Silver Reed plastic mid-gauge


Knitting Machines waiting for overhaul:

Corona C110 super bulky 11mm pitch


Knitting Machines on my wishlist:

Ars Amoretto Super 8 Deluxe with ribber.

plating attatchment for Silver Reed pile rib knitter


Knitting Machines for sale:

2 x Riccar (Silver Reed) 324.  24 stitch punchcard

Juki KR13 ribber with spare bed for 2400/2600 model standard gauge

Juki 881 for spares



A word on the HAMANAKA NEEDLE.


Japanese craft company Hamanaka made a 50 needle purl knitter back in the day called Hamanaka Needle ハマナカニードル. This rare little machine is a boon for the vintage knitting machine enthusiast and occasionally comes up at auction. The instruction manual, however, is rarer still. I have made a photo tutorial on how to use the machine on Flickr, and I have also uploaded a short video of it in use on YouTube.