working on a hot day

two wasps' nests and one sting

my reward


shutter clatters up

in comes the day

at dusk


A dying typhoon

rallies and blows the curtain

across my face


days of rain

even my skin

annoys me


Wishing for riches

at Tanabata, my son

loses a tooth


A north wind

the dragon's breath howls

across the city


That crow! That crow!

From somewhere it knows

the sound of cat food.


Throw the stray cat

a sausage, old mince

garbage day

between the buildings

now you see it, now you don't



a million, billion insects

chase me from

the compost bin


cracking the eggs

for breakfast I wonder what

will become of the day


The dragon year starts

with clouds and hoare frost

and tired eyes

Step out the back door.
The fresh rain of spring smells
like old leaves.


Fresh oranges
fill a bowl. A cold fruit,
in a cold season


Kids play tennis
In the dappled shade
of old elms


The manta ray
moves its wings under water
like spring leaves


Thunder and lightning

A beautiful danger

sky turns green and grey

leaves rustle
shyaa, shyaa, I look up and see
magnolia buds


Closing the curtains

I check the porch light, a half moon

looks at me


A cold wind in spring

White hills, pink blossoms and

blue in an ice puddle


Drifting like spectres

walk stop look, look at dead grass




Is anyone watching?
I glance around, then throw the stone
on a frozen pond

- 2012 (honourable mention 16th Mainichi Haiku Contest) 

The wind! Stop blowing
my hair and eyes, so I
can sweep the step!

fairy floss

in winter, like clouds
amongst coats



 Wind in the reeds
Like the sea, I am a long way
from my childhood

- 2009 (second prize 13th Mainichi Haiku Contest)


The fan hums,
frogs croak, I lie awake and
listen for thunder. 


winter solstice

two lanterns glow

mourning a neighbour


my father's old kite

caught the wind and I forgot

I hate the cold


the crystal horizon

after snow makes me shiver

and run inside


 Boys on bicycles?
I stop! but only dry leaves
race past me.


my child coughing

in the night, the dawn breaks

to a grey sky


Coffee stings my nose
sky is clearing, it will be 
a good day


Pull back the curtain

condensation, and frost

on Mt Akagi


a mouldy lemon in the fridge
it's time to get ready
a taxi to the church


voices but no people

I return to my childhood

in a dream


glass windchime
ceases only
when the clouds break