Finding older work in cupboards

I hadn't seen these works in a long time. I had put most of my paintings into long term storage not long after we moved here in 2009. They have done well in the cupboards, which are reasonably well ventilated, especially well for Japan given the humidity which is such a curse for anything paper or textile.


I am happy to see these older landscapes of the volcanic plains again. I will look for the sketchbooks now and review them in preparation for more monotypes in the second half of this year. The paper is pretty much ready.


A former teacher once asked me if I ever repainted my paintings. At that time I had some strange idea that that was something one should never do. But I started to experiment with this after he advised me it can be very useful in rediscovering images and ideas. Now that both kids are at school and a tiny bit of time loosens up, I look forward to being able to do this again.

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